Thank you for visiting the Historic Reesor Ranch

Sunset silhouette at Historic Reesor Ranch.

“Many memories were born here.  Many new friends were made here.  Those memories will ever be with me and those friends in my heart forever. Thanks.”
~Rejean,  Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for the best little holiday ever.  The best little cabin, the hospitality and the great food and service.  I will never forget this.  I can’t wait to come back.”
~Pat Hyndman, Calgary, Alberta

“We enjoyed our stay immensely.  This a great holiday spot as well as hunting cabin.  Very cozy.  Thanks so much and we’ll be back!”
~Verlin and Bethany Torkelson

“Just letting you know how wonderful this weekend was – it was a rare treat!  Thanx so much for the super hospitality and service.”
~The Martins

“Thanks so much to the Reesor family for the wonderful stay in the calming Cypress Hills.”
~Carolyn and Andrew, Calgary, Alberta

“Blessing and thanks to Theresa, Scott and Reesors who came before,
    For sharing home, friendship and local folklore.
    With weary travelers now restored.
    You’re now part of our history, as well.”  

~The Tropins

“Hi, I am Greyson.  I really like it here.  Hopefully, we can come back next year for my mom’s anniversary again.  It is really fun here.  Thanks.”

“Your hospitality, openness, kindness and sharing in the Lord has been as much – if not more of a blessing to a ‘weary’ traveler as has been God’s cathedral of sky, rocks and trees.  Thank you for being obedient.  Thank you for allowing God to use you to draw others closer to himself!!  ‘When you extend hospitality…..even when they are strangers, you make the faith visible; 3 John:5”   
~Jo Jaarsma

“What a place!  Sad to leave!  We’ll be back!  Love it here!  Thanks for your hospitality.”
~Rick and Deb

“There is magic here and I have been touched by it.  Words, or rather my use of words, can’t describe how deeply the beauty, the history and your family has affected me.  A la prochaine!”  
~The Tripps

“Theresa and Scott – what can I say?  You are good at what you do.  You are as beautiful as your countryside!”
~Arlene McDougall

“We have had a fall out by divorce.  My sister and myself moved to Alaska and our mother to Canada.  We have experienced a lot of land and culture and I would like to thank you for a beautiful place to heal. Thanks.”

“There is plenty to do on the ranch and we really enjoyed the horse rides.  The highlight of our steak supper was Scott’s poetry.  Jan and I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk with Theresa and Scott afterwards.”
~The Hankewichs.

“Unique, rustic, quaint….we loved it!  Memories….they can’t be bought at the corner store – they have to be made!  And….this was a great place to do so!”
~The Wards, Innisfail, Alberta

“Thank you for a wonderful time here with family.  Ate heaps, cooked lots, laughed continuously….we love your dog!! (Can we take him with us?)”
~The Clarelles, New Zealand

“The beauty here is unequivocal.  Oh the stars!  Time spent with our eyes to the canopy of twinkling beauty gave us a sense of awe and wonderment.  Unbelievable place.” 
~The Laws, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“The facilities are just perfect for a country get-away.  Thanks for everything.”  
~Farrah Silva, Phoenix, Arizona

“Kaylee really enjoyed helping Scott round up the cows. We loved the dogs always visiting us and our Cowboy’s Cabin was great.  You all were so friendly and made us feel at home.”  
~The Maruskas, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

“We had a lovely stay here; the friendliness and helpfulness of Scott, Theresa and Diane made it a happy choice for our holiday.  PS Don’t miss Fort Walsh!”
~The Newells, Stockport, England

“There is something for everyone here.  Even cooking breakfast on the BBQ in the pouring rain was an adventure!  (You did a great job fixing the roof – not a drop!)” 
~The Becks, Sundre, Alberta

“I admire the continuity, stability and love of the land represented by the enduring care for the house and the memories.” 
~Cathy McClusky, Calgary, Alberta

“Very Cowboyish!”
~Lionel Tootoosis, Poundmaker, Saskatchewan

“Wonderful – the Barn loft is really special!”  
~Susan Wanamaker, Banff, Alberta

“A great place, full of imagination and creativeness!” 
~The Niehaus family, Strome, Alberta

“Warm and comfortable.”
~The Dorfmans, Waterloo, Ontario

“I loved reading your family history – good deep roots.” 
~The Stiles, Calgary, Alberta

“We have two words to describe this weekend: DEAD – LY.  Super Deadly – Call us if you need some real ranch hands.”
~The Calatoon Ranchers from Calgary and Saskatoon

“We acknowledge the sense of historical and present awareness of the aboriginal peoples and the great spiritual tradition that enriches us all.”  
~Merci beaucoup! Jo

“Generally, we have found the Cypress Hills area not only an oasis in our prairie and prairie past, but also an ecologically sensitive area and one, as a Canadian, we are proud to call home.”  

“Enjoyed our stay – nice to see a different way of life.” 
~Morag Holmes, Scotland

“Back to the Cypress Hills!  It’s been 2 years since we were last here and we’ve compared all other riding experiences to this one.  This seems like home!”  
~The Crones

“What a great place!  Wow!  Easy to see why people from everywhere come here!  Absolutely beautiful!”
~Laurie, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

“You have an amazing ranch!  We’ve had a very enjoyable time.  Your hospitality was top class.  You sure know how to host a party!” 
~Chris and Gord, Mackenzie, B.C.

“Awesome time, awesome place.  You should see the smile on my face!!  Never did it feel so good to get away from it all!!”
~Shaun and Holly, Ft. Nelson, BC

“What sets the Reesor Ranch apart from all the memorable places that the ‘Riders of the Old West’ have had the privilege to visit is your warm and sincere hospitality, your ability to convey to us a sense of your past, a past typical of what built the West and the character of its’ pioneer people.  You are gracious hosts.” 
~Don Plewes, Medicine Hat, Alberta

“Such a pleasure – our kids are begging to come back.”
~Geff and Genn, Stoughton, Saskatchewan

“You have a great place here – keep sharing and caring!” 
~The Bell Clan

“I think we have found a new location for our annual retreat!” 

“The atmosphere and meals were outstanding.”
~College Mathieu reunion

“Perfect hosts, beautiful antique barn, cabin and playground for all family members.  We thank God and the Reesor Ranch members for their wonderful hospitality.  Truly Unique.  Approx 70+ members attended.”
~Heisler Reunion