Horse Adventures – OPEN MAY 1st – OCT 31st


Horseback Riding activities is open May 1 – Oct 31, 2023.

From May 1st to end of October rides are scheduled daily at 10am, 1pm and 4pm.

Horse activities are offered to guests staying at the ranch and day visitors.

Please note: The Cypress Hills Riding Academy, another great trail riding business partner is located in the Cypress Hills, Centre Block.  We are in the Cypress Hills West Block Wilderness Area.

What a way to make memories at the Historic Reesor Ranch!

2 Hour Horseback Riding Adventure – Book to ride at 10am, 1pm or 4pm.

For ages 10 and up.  This is a great introduction to the horse world and riding. Help brush, saddle and get acquainted with your horse before mounting up for a ride on the beautiful and diverse terrain of the Historic Reesor Ranch. Duration of this activity includes prep and riding time.  Rides are scheduled daily for 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm.

Reservations are required to get your desired ride schedule. $99 per person.


full buffet breakfast

Cowboy Breakfast Ride – Book for Breakfast at 9am, Ride at 10am.

Join us, our Wranglers and other ranch guests for a hearty ranchstyle  breakfast in the Ranch Hall Grill before heading out for your 2 hour Horseback Riding Adventure.  Breakfast is at 9 am and Ride goes out at 10 am.

Two Hour Experience – $119 per person. ($99 for Ride and $20 for breakfast)


Steak Supper with 8 oz AAA local beef wrapped in bacon.

Supper Ride – Book to ride at 4pm, Supper at 6pm.

Join us for a tasty supper meal at the Ranch Hall Grill, Price is based on AAA locally raised beef steak supper/other options are available. Dinner is served at 6pm after enjoying your 2 hour Horseback Riding Adventure which starts at 4 pm.

$134 per person. ($99 for Ride and $35 for steak supper).



Pony Rides – Schedule a time for your little cowpokes.

For children of all ages – a Wrangler will take your children on a gentle horse or pony through a fun obstacle course – one child at a time. Birthday and childrens’ parties are welcome.

One Hour Experience – $99 per group.

Call to book this Ride 403-977-7337

‘Training for Trails’ – Schedule a time for your junior Cowgirls and Cowboys.

Held in the corral and Obstacle Course. Designed specifically for learning basic horse control, safety, riding through and around obstacles and gaining confidence to ride on diverse trail terrain. Geared for 6 – 9 year olds but older children and adults are welcome. A family favorite!

One Hour Experience – $59 per person.

Call to book this Ride 403-977-7337

‘Hanging Out With Horses’ – ‘A Must Do’ activity for your group’s team building exercise.

Here’s an opportunity to connect with your group for a positive team building experience using horses in a stress free environment.   Group exercises with horses will help your team build trust and improve communication skills in a fun and relaxing setting.

One Hour Experience for all ages – $59 per person.

Call to book this horse activity 403-977-7337


Tax/fee will be added to all of our Horse related activities.

A waiver must be read and signed prior to any horseback activities at the ranch.

To help partner you with the best horse, please be prepared to answer the following questions for:

Riding experience:
– Beginner – 0 to 5 times
– Intermediate – 5 – 12 times
– Experienced – have ridden and worked with horses extensively

Weight category:
– Under 100 lbs
– Under 200 lbs
– Over 200 lbs
– Under 250 lbs

Footwear and Clothing:
Footwear should have a maximum of 2 inch heel.  Riding boots and running shoes are acceptable.   No open toe shoes or sandals.  Bring layers of clothing for cool and hot weather temperature changes. Wear long pants to help protect your legs from chaffing. A tight fitting cap or Cowboy hat with tie-down strings helps to keep the sun and rain off your head.  Bug spray is recommended. Helmets (which we supply) must be worn by all riders 18 and under and are recommended for all ages. Backpacks are not recommended to carry during the trail rides, unless they are carrying essential items such as medication.

Guest Comments:

I have been doing trail rides on every vacation since I was a kid – in Jasper, Banff, Kelowna, Fairmont, Montana, and probably more. Even on my honeymoon. This horse experience, where riders saddle and brush their own horses is EXTREMELY unique, and well worth the trip. Plus you add in beautiful, well-trained horses, experienced wranglers, and the gorgeous ranch with varied terrain and views of the Cypress Hills to ride in. Great get-away!


There’s something magical that happens when you round the bend to Reesor Ranch. It’s a place for the imagination. After a breakfast the charming ranch hands Emily and Christine fitted us with our riding helmets and provided clear and easy instructions for brushing our horses and then securing the saddles. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you would soon feel confident when the reigns were handed to you. Our trail ride went up into the hills and along the Kinickinick Trail overlooking the valley below. Blue skies, a light breeze and an easy ride. How wonderful.


It was a fantastic experience! It was good to use the time brushing and saddling my horse to get to know him, and by that point, Pablo and I were buddies. He liked walking around the pen with his head hovering just over my shoulder, and he was much more cuddly than I expected. The staff was well-versed in their work, and I felt quite safe. The sights were very nice, but it was a true pleasure to spend that time with Pablo and he made horseback riding a great first experience that I would do again in a heartbeat!  Jola


My daughter and I loved “Training for Trails”. Our 3 Wranglers were patient and fun. The horses were friendly and we felt comfortable right away! My six year old announced immediately that she wants to do it again as soon as she got off Duchess! Thank you for taking the time with us!


This was an amazing experience! My son has talked non stop about it since we left. His biggest question has been when can we go back and do it again. Will recommend it to friends and family.❤️


I first rode with Reesor’s 25 years ago on my first visit to Cypress Hills. It was a great day that I remembered all these years. This years ride was also one to remember. The horses are beautiful and well cared for. The view were magnificent and Julie was an enjoyable team leader. Thanks for another great day.


It’s been a life-long dream to ride through the trees and valleys of the magnificent Cypress Hills. Accomplished, finally, in the company of my granddaughters… what a memory to treasure. The Historic Reesor Ranch made the wait worthwhile with the perfect mounts from their herd of experienced horses. With our precious little horsemanship experience, friendly and encouraging wranglers Julie and Sarah prepared us to saddle up and ride. Four rides were booked and the wranglers endeavoured to make each experience unique… the weather provided 50% sunshine and 50% rain but we came prepared. The horses were mannered with unique personalities that we enjoyed. We enjoyed the cowboy comforts steeped in the Reesor family history provided by our hosts, Theresa and Scott. Theresa sets a bountiful table and Scott dishes up entertaining cowboy poetry, all served with a side of warm hospitality.


The property is absolutely beautiful. The guided trail ride was so much fun and provided stunning views of the landscape. Thanks for the beer and poetry! Definitely made our short trip to Cypress Hills extra special.